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Christmas Fruit Cakes

Nothing says Christmas is around the corner like distributing Christmas Fruit Cakes does.

Yes fellow citizens of the Great North, Christmas will soon be upon us. My absolute best time of the year. The two ladies, heroes of mine, Joanne Kok and Margaret Van Dyk,  are from one of our favourite charities which we support.(Joanne Kok’s mother, Joanne Dieleman, founded and volunteered full time at “Aid to Woman”, a crisis pregnancy centre, for 17 years and never accepted any remuneration for it. An even bigger hero of mine.) We warehouse and distribute these heavenly Christmas Fruitcakes so that they can be sold as a fund raiser. Heavenly you say?
Yes indeed. Made by monks no less. I know you either love Fruit Cake or you don’t. Well I adore them. A slab of Fruit Cake and a coffee in the morning, what with the caffeine jolt and the surge of sugar energy, I’m primed and loaded to handle any burst of courier service I may have to deliver. Speaking of deliveries and Christmas, we look forward to the joy in doing your deliveries at this busy, upcoming, time of year. Allow us to handle your business correspondence and parcels as well as your gift distribution the Christmas Season. Please remember to make sure your corporate gifts are boxed and well packed, and properly addressed. We are ready for the rush and the potential Postal interruptions as well. It brings us joy to handle all your delivery needs. At your service, Frank E. D’Angelo and everyone at The Messengers International.
Welcome to Our Blog. Share Your Experience or Ask Us a Question.

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