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Lest We Forget..

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The most famous Canadian photo of the Second World War, a little boy running from his mother for the outstretched hand of his soldier father, but for Warren "Whitey" Bernard this image as a five year old is more powerful for what it doesn't show.

That little white-haired boy -- who's now a 79-year-old retiree from Tofino, B.C, symbolized the emotional turmoil of Canada's men heading off to war.

Did Warren’s father, Jack Bernard, make it home after the war? Did little Warren ever hold his father’s loving hand again.

Well Jack, the father, was a sergeant with the B.C. Dragoons. Jack’s unit wasn’t being called up to go fight in Europe so he re-enlisted as a private with the Duke of Connaught’s Own Rifles in B.C. and then was shipped out to fight.

Problem was a private earns half of what a sergeant earns and Bernice, Jack’s wife, wasn’t happy at all being a single mom, orphaned as a child and with not much help, with the challenging situation on the home front. Apparently the marriage was never made in heaven and the extra strain caused them to divorce.

Did Jack make it home?

Luckily the only, but still very sad, the casualty was the marriage. Jack made it home and he did end up not just holding his son’s hand but embracing Warren.

War is hell on earth. One cannot imagine what the parents and wives and children of the soldiers felt when the soldiers did not return.

Remembrance Day 2018

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